UNC Solar Map

UNC Solar Map

The color of each building represents its total solar energy production. Hover over a building to find its name, and click on the building to reveal more detailed statistics such as the number of panels that could fit on the roof and the average yearly cost savings.

The points you see indicate places feasible solar panels sites. Use our default feasibility parameters or customize your own using the Customize Parameters tab. Click Apply to see the map reflect your selection! Find out more about suitability parameters here.

You can toggle the point layer on and off using the Toggle Points button in the top right corner.
What is a feasibility parameter?
Solar panels are a cleaner source of energy than coal powered plants. But while solar panels can save money over time, the initial cost of installation hinders their adoption at places like UNC where budgets are short-term and money is limited. This map is a product of an initiative led by UNCs Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC) to investigate solar siting feasibility on campus, and to determine the most suitable location for UNCs next solar installation.
This map was built using Mapbox.js and data from USGS.

To see our code or learn how to make your own, check out this project on GitHub

Project by: Ellen Currin (UNC) and Tait Chandler (UNC)